25th October, 2021

Bookish Stuff: Bookish Autumn

It is no secret that I love autumn, and it is also no secret that this has to do with cosy sweaters, the crisp air, the colourful leaves on the trees and that this time is the perfect reason to coorie in with a cuppa tea and a book at night. Yes, stereotypes... but nice stereotypes. Cosy stereotypes. Comfy stereotypes. ;)

As I said in one of my previous posts, every year around Halloween I tend to read gothic stories and horror novels because... well... spooky season. This year, however, I also found myself more drawn to cosy books, books that already make you anticipate Christmas time in a way because they are somewhat wintry and festive. That was a rather weird development for me but I've been trying to embrace it because if I didn't, I'd just end up in another reading slump. And I've definitely had enough of those this year. So I've been reading some romcoms, some literary fiction and some classics while also throwing in my share of creepy tales, and it's been a beautiful mixture! 

What I'm enjoying most, however, is that the kid is really and truly getting into reading himself. He has always been a bookworm and reading to him has always been a fixture in our lives. He has also read quite a few books by himself but somehow he used to be a bit hesitant, preferring to have us read to him. This year, this has improved a lot! I often find him wrapped in a blanket, reading his book and then saying that he wants to keep reading for as long as he can. He's really gotten into chapter books now but he's also become a fan of the Amulet graphic novel series by Kazu Kibuishi. 

So now we have evenings when we all read together and it's definitely precious quality time. We've also been watching quite a few Halloween films - Hocus Pocus even had to be watched twice this weekend. :-) I can't believe that Halloween will be over again by this time next week but I'm definitely looking forward to reading all the new Christmas titles coming out in the next few days and weeks, and watching lots of cheesy Christmas movies. 

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