29th April, 2020

Bookish Stuff: Favourite Reading Spots

I suppose everyone has a favourite reading spot, or probably several. One or two will most likely be in you home. They could be your bed, the couch or that cosy conservatory where you can hear the rain patter on the roof while you're travelling through the pages of your current story. The latter would definitely be my favourite - if we only had a conservatory. So I think my favourite reading spot in our house is in fact the living room sofa.

In the last few weeks I've spent  A LOT of time there for obvious reasons and I'm beginning to long for some of my favourite spots outside our own four walls. For example, I love to read at Starbucks. There is this perfect coffee house close to where I work and when I was still a student I used to spend hour after hour in one of those lush armchairs with a book. I don't really have the time to do that anymore but occasionally I treat myself to an hour in that cosy environment. Now that we are all in lockdown, I miss being able to do that. It would be lovely to have a little bit of 'me time' in that place but I assume we'll still have to wait a little longer for these things to be possible again. 

Another favourite reading spot is a certain bench in the park. That would be possible for a limited amount of time, even during times of Corona, BUT... allergies. Spring is beautiful and all that, but it is hell on my hay fever. So that option is, unfortunately, not  in the cards either. 

So what is left? The library? Closed. The bookshop with the little reading nook? Open but with limited access for only two customers at the time so: not possible. Our little cottage in rural Scotland? Only if travelling is allowed, so right now that is another no. Ultimately, I guess I'll just have to bide my time like everyone else and, in the meantime, reminisce and dream about these places. One day we'll be able to move around freely again and I hope we'll then remember to be more grateful about the freedom we normally enjoy. Until then I'll explore the world through stories - which, if you think about it, isn't bad at all. So hang in there, everyone, read a good book and enjoy the comforts of your own home. I've heard it's where the heart is. ;-)

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