6th August, 2019

Bookish Stuff: How to hide your book buying addiction or "Oh no, I have had this one for ages!"

Admit it! You're just as bad as me when it comes to not being able to pass a bookshop or refuse a good offer such as the famous "3 for 2" or "Buy one, get one half price". Exactly. I mean, as awesome as these offers are, they put you into a huge dilemma. At least it always happens to me that I either find too many or too few books. So I might find two I really want but have trouble chosing a third, or I find an uneven number which makes the latter offer tricky as well. So yes, book buying can become a bit of a problem and has, more than once, been the reason for finances running tight at the end of the month. Oopsie.

So this is what book mail situations look like at our house. I usually try to spirit new acquisitions away before the other half spies them, but oftentimes it happens that the delivery guy arrives two minutes after the hubs has come home. Thanks for that by the way, DHL! ;-) This is how it normally goes then:

Other half: "Wait, what's that box? Oh no, have you ordered more books? Again?" *raises a judging eyebrow*
Me: "Pfff, naaaaaah! What makes you think that? It's .... gifts. Yes! That's right. It's books - yes - but they are all Christmas gifts."
OH: "Is that so? So who are they for?" *wicked smile curling his lips*
Me: "Well... you know. All sorts of... people. That I know. Like... other readers." *begins unpacking box and tries to hide reverent smile*
OH: "I see. I'm sure they'll be happy to receive them." *goes away*
Me: Wohee, he might have bought it. I think I got away with that one. Haha!

Two hours later. Me, sitting on the sofa and reading one of the new books.
OH: *with an amused grin* "I thought these were gifts. You know. Like for others".
Me: *damn!* "Ahem, well, YES! I'm just checking. You know, like a quality check?"

So yeah, I obviously didn't get away with that one and the hubs knows me too well by now that I could hide things from him. He is actually a reader himself so he does not REALLY mind. And after all, it's my own money that I'm spending. I think these conversations just show how nerdy we both are and they are in fact similar when he has bought himself yet another Star Trek spaceship model.

Let me know how you defend or explain your book buying addiction to your loved ones. Are you open about your passion or do you feel you need to hide it or at least some of it? :-)

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