28th November, 2018

bookish stuff: getting ready for the holiday season

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, coming in at a close second after Halloween. What I like about it is that it's not just a time to snuggle up at home but also one when everything looks festive and particularly pretty. The Christmas markets here are world-famous and all the yummy seasonal treats always make me have to be careful not to gain ten pounds within four weeks. Oh my.

Being a bookworm, Christmas also means extra reading time. Especially during the days between Christmas and New Year's but also on Christmas Eve itself, which is when everyone opens their presents here in Germany. Before I ever heard about the Icelandic tradition of jolabokaflod (which basically means giving each other books and chocolate on Christmas Eve and spending the rest of the evening in bed with both), our house has always been one where books are sort of a go-to present. So once the hussle and bussle is over and the kid is eventually tucked in, we adults always sit together browsing our new reads. It's super cosy and always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. With the tree in the background and soft music playing it truly makes Christmas Eve a magical night for me. 

But of course it is still 3.5 weeks till Christmas itself, which means that I've spruced up my office a bit like I do every year in order to get in the mood. My office book tree seems to be growing with every holiday season and it's lovely to have students and colleagues come in saying that they've been waiting to see this year's tree. :-) 

I've also compiled a (tentative because it's bound to still change) rest-of-the-year TBR. These are the books I plan to read before the year ends. There will probably be a few more additions on Christmas Eve but all of these books kind of say "festive season" to me for various reasons. It's a rather eclectic selection but that's perfect as I'm a big mood reader. 

I am particularly looking forward to Krampus and to The Stormkeeper's Island, the latter of which I already started this morning. Also, I'm looking forward to finally watching A Nightmare  Before Christmas this year as I've never seen it. Yes, I know, I'm super late to the party. But who knows? Watching this film might become a new family Christmas tradition.

Do you have any bookish holiday traditions? 

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