6th December, 2019

Bookish Stuff: Books for Christmas

I can't believe how time has flown in the past few months. The nights are still drawing in but we are a mere two weeks away from the solstice, so we've almost made it through the shortest days of the year already. It's funny how I used to hate winter in the past, but ever since our son was born I've been enjoying the season tremendously. Maybe it's the childish wonder that you suddenly experience again when your perspective changes as a parent. 

Last night I asked the kid if he also put books on his Christmas list. He's at an age when life is all about Lego and Hot Wheels and Playmobil, so I was touched when his answer was a clear "Of course, mum." In fact he pretty much said it in a way that was questioning my sanity for asking such a stupid question. Hahaha! Looks we've done something right. The little human calls our family "the book people" and fervently declares in preschool every chance he gets that there isn't a room in our house that doesn't have a book (yes, even the loo! ;-)). It's cute and it makes me happy to see that he loves stories as much as we do. 

So yes, the kid has books on his wish list and so do we. As I mentioned in a previous post, Christmas Eve at our house always resembles the Icelandic tradition of Jolab√≥kaflod, in which people give each other books and chocolate on the evening of the 24th and then spend the night in bed reading. At our house we sit together in the snug but the rest is pretty much the same. It's just so cosy with all the lights, the Christmas tree, a fire (unfortunately of the Youtube kind as we don't have a fireplace but it still creates a certain atmosphere), soft Christmas music in the background and yummy treats. And honestly, I can't remember a time in my life when books didn't factor in highly on Christmas. I remember being made fun of by kids in school when we told each other what we'd gotten after the holidays and I said "books", I remember snide comments from former colleagues about "Ah, so yet another book." But I don't remember a Christmas without books. And I treasure that, despite what non-readers might say. I mean, I am not judging them for wanting yet another PS4 game or yet another piece of jewelry so I simply expect the same from them. So yes, I know I'll get a pile of books this Christmas and I'm very much looking forward to that as it is what makes me happy.  

Happy holidays!!

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