7th June, 2021

Bookish Stuff: Hit by the reading slump

The weather here has been weird. First it was cold and rainy, then hot and humid, now it's kind of unpredictable - the perfect time to just curl up on the couch and read or watch Netflix. In my case the last few days it has always come down to the latter, because the hubs and I kind of got stuck on a new series. That perfectly normal and fine of course, but why didn't I use more of that time to read? 

The last month I've felt myself slowly drifting into a serious reading slump. No book could really satisfy me and the ones on my TBR only made me think "Meh!" I started a few novels this weekend, but none of them felt right so I bailed on a few, planning to come back to them sometime later when I'm not such a book grinch. It is so weird how several months can go so well, reading is relaxing and fun and I can't wait to start the next book. And then - all of a sudden and out of the blue - the slump hits. Hard! No book speaks to me - buying new ones doesn't help either. Trust me, I have tested this and oftentimes I stand in the bookshop at a complete loss and leave  without buying a book. Unheard of, I know! The same happens in front of my own bookshelves. My TBR offers a lot of choices from the most varied of genres, but nothing appeals to me and that is so frustrating because I usually need my reading time to make me "whole" if that makes any sense. Sometimes rereading a favourite helps or a light rom com that you can simply enjoy without thinking to much. Sometimes even that doesn't work and I just have to sit it out.

Thankfully, I've already read the book I'll be posting about next Saturday as part of a book tour. :) So be prepared for something more exciting than my reading slump ramblings then. :-)

I'm wishing you all a good start into the new week!

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