8th April, 2021

Review: House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland (Hot Key Books)

The only words to perfectly describe this novel are "deliciously creepy and beautifully written". And I mean, just look at this gorgeous cover. Whoever designed this deserves an award themselves because they perfectly captured the tone and direction of the story. When I was asked to participate in a Bookstagram tour for this title, I thought that the plot sounded quite interesting and basically expected a somewhat eerie tale about belonging and sisterhood and family in general. What I got was a fantastic ride through the lifes of Grey, Vivi and Iris which kept me engaged from beginning to finish. Can somebody please turn this into a movie as well?

But what is House of Hollow actually about?

Three sisters mysteriously disappeared as young children only to turn up four weeks later, naked and with no recollection of what had happened to them. As they became older, they went their separate ways: Grey is now a famous model/designer, Vivi plays in a punk band while Iris stayed in high school and tried her best to fit in. After Grey suddenly disappears again, the younger sisters set out to find their sister, even if this means that they have to face their terrifying past - a past which may reveal an uncomfortable truth.

If you're looking for a dark book - this is it. If you want to be utterly weirded out - this is it. This tale is darker than the deepest pits of hell. It made me queasy and it made me willingly dispend all disbelief. House of Hollow is a bewitching tale of what it means to want to live. It's chilling, and appalling, and sinister. It's everything you're looking for in the genre. 

Sutherland has a wonderful way with words. Every single one fits perfectly, draws you right in and deeper and deeper into the story. And while some characters remain extremely unlikeable, they still carry a certain fascination. Other characters may just about break your heart. This is a story about love and family, the instinct to survive and the desire to protect the ones we love. Be ready to be both mesmerised and surprised, and trust me: you'll love it.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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